Plain and Pre-Printed tapes                           

As part of our comprehensive range of products we are please to be able to offer you plain and printed tapes. As with our labels we print our own tape in house. Allowing you the customer to avail of a shorter lead time and greater flexibility. We print up to 3 colours in house but if you require additional colours we can accommodate up to 8 colours from our partner company in Europe.

Our range of tapes are extensive please see below a partial list of what we offer:

  • Clear and Brown Tape (in both hand and machine rolls)
  • Printed tapes up to 3 colours
  • PVC or PP tapes
  • Acrylic, Hotmelt or Solvent adhesives.
  • Gummed Tapes
  • Paper Tapes
  • Bag neck Sealing tapes

Please contact us regarding your tape requirements our experienced staff will be happy to help.