About Us

Since its establishment in 1990 Quality Labels has gone from strength to strength. The company is 100% Irish owned and operated and is committed to continual re-investment in the business and this is evident from its very modest beginnings as a label printing company with one 3 colour printing press and a very basic rewinding machine, operating from a small factory, to now being one of the largest label companies in the country with multiple manufacturing sites and an extensive list of machinery with a total of 7 printing presses ranging from 3 colours up to 8 colours, 5 blank label presses, and 7 rewinding machines operating from four modern production facilities located in the greater Dublin area.

We are not only committed to investment in the best of machinery but also in our staff. All of our staff are highly trained, experienced and vocational people.

This philosophy of continual reinvestment has us at the forefront of the label industry and allows us to expand year on year.

We understand that labelling is a small part of a person's business but it is also a critical part and for this reason all our customers receive the same level of respect, service and quality no matter what size of company they are and our customers range from small cottage industries to large multi-national blue chip companies.

For further information please feel free to contact us at any stage.